“Black” posts are black and white photos where you use posters in your brand’s colors. Instagram is the perfect place to present brand colors.

It can be a design where each line is different. For example, a line where a design element predominates, the dominant color, the background color, a photo divided into three parts, three photos with similar motifs, etc.

As our way of reading is from left to right, you can upload images three by three and people will see your wall as if it were a set of stories told in each line made up of three images.

The trick is to upload the photos three at a time, with similar designs, aesthetics or colors, that is to say that each line has the same visual aesthetic. It can even be a photo cut into three parts.

In @pantone each line is differentiated by the predominant color, texture and type of the objects for each photo. The visual effect is very good.

You can also make a line design with photos or images of white or light-colored background, interspersed. That is, the one-line pattern is repeated every other row. One yes, one no.

@personaljournalapp has this effect on her wall and the light bottom line uses her for inspirational quotes. In this way, the colors of the photos that are between clear lines stand out.

This type of design has become very popular and many accounts have tried it even once.

The trick is to keep the same type of design but forming vertical lines. You can add a line of posts with inspirational quotes, which can be on the right, center, or left, giving you the illusion of verticality.

The other lines will be images or photos that are similar in colors or designs, to maintain the aesthetics of the wall.

This type of design makes the person who is viewing it attracted to continue looking down and see more publications, following the vertical lines. It is a very good optical effect to encourage them to see your wall and go from seeing beyond the first six publications.

They generally recommend that either the line in the middle is the one with the lightest colors or the one you are dedicating to the phrases with a light background, as this will make people feel more inclined to look towards the center and keep going down to see more.

@mysimplegram even goes beyond putting a vertical line with a white background in the middle.

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