This is a question that is often asked by gentlemen as they consider their company for a number of occasions. What I would always recommend is consider the importance of the occasion. Is it something to do with your work or business where first impressions really count, are are you attending a function with a new social group whom it is important that you impress. Then on occasions like this it is always worth going that extra mile and spending a little extra on a top class escort.

Their is a saying that you only get one chance to make a good first impression, but I am a firm believer that you can give yourself two. Imagine if you will attending a business function with a beautiful top class escort on your arm. You will obviously be able to wow colleagues and contemporaries with your knowledge of the industry and you wealth of contacts, maybe even slip in an anecdote or two to really seal the deal, but I can almost guarantee you that elsewhere in the room will be someone else doing the same. Now if the young lady who is accompanying you to the function is able to wow the other guests with her charm and sophistication, never mind her stunning beauty and elegance, think of how not only are you the go to guy when it comes to insider knowledge but you were also the guy that turned up with a charming and eloquent lady on your arm.

Their are so many occasions when is top class escort is an appropriate date, all you need to do is think about other peoples impression and more importantly perception of you. A top class escort is almost like making that all important first impression twice over.